We are a Lithuanian company that has been selling plumbing equipment in Latvia for 15 years. We represent various large foreign manufacturers (Purmo, Magnaplast, Effebi, T3S system, Arupa Armatura, etc.) in the domestic market.

Throughout its operation, our company has found its place in the Latvian market, currently it has more than 200 large and medium-sized regular customers. 2014-2015 tenders for the supply of plumbing to Latvian budget institutions were won in the following years: Latvian IEVP; Riga NP; Jekabpils NP; Ogres Namsaimnieks; Jelgava LLU; Hospitals in Riga, Daugavpils and Ogre; VSAC Riga and others. In addition, much attention is paid to expanding online sales; online store turnover in 2014 and this year it is planned to increase turnover by 15-20%.

Company information: 3 stores in Latvia (store in Riga, one in Jelgava and one in Jekabpils.

The company's development, contacts and accumulated experience with various companies in Latvia allow us to hope for successful cooperation in this field also in the future, which would allow to ensure stable business growth in the future.