Velis Evo Wi-Fi is part of Ariston’s Velis Evo storage electric water heater range. This compact water heater boasts an ultra slim twin tank design for compact installs and more hot water availability. The wall mounted electric storage water heater is suitable for domestic and light commercial water heating environments, thanks to its dual 3kW power supply.


Available in 45, 80 and 100 litre capacities, the Velis Evo Wi-Fi has built-in optional smartphone control through the Aqua Ariston Net App for up to 25% more energy savings. All models in the range measure only 27cm in depth and benefit from a titanium enamelled twin tank technology, which reduces stratification and provides up to 16% more hot water**.


* Heating elements are never on simultaneously; maximum power draw is 3kW at a time
** compared to other electric storage water heaters.

Ariston VELIS EVO WI-FI 80 litri elektriskais ūdens sildītājs Garantija 7 gadi

Ražotājs: Ariston
Modelis: 110108
*Cena: 296.28 €